Remembering our past while innovating ahead


Airborne Tactical Solutions (ATS) LLC offers a remarkable portfolio of capabilities and technologies focused on delivering innovative systems and services solutions. Our applications range from personal equipment through avionics, air & ground vehicle integration & modification, testing, training, certification and life-cycle support.

We strive to align our core competencies with the current and future needs of our customers. Our capabilities, technology and threat roadmaps are built around our customers emerging global security challenges.

Working closely with our customers and suppliers, our services and technologies are used for an extensive range of missions and personal protection that includes intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; strike operations; assault operations; logistics; law enforcement, EMS search & rescue and a host of critical national, state and local missions.

ATS’s products are providing relevant results with systems operationally flying in combat today.

The Company:

ATS is a small business committed to principled Corporate Citizenship, Diversity & Inclusion, EEO, Environment, Ethics & Business Conduct, Workplace Accommodation, Regulatory Compliance and Integrity with a thoughtful respect of our international customers standards.

We will always embrace our core values: taking responsibility for our products and programs, delivering exceptional customer care, demonstrating superior leadership as a company and as individuals, acting with integrity in everything we do, and regard our vendors and suppliers as indispensable teammates.

We believe in a strong foundation of proven Program and Engineering Management principles and techniques. We can harmoniously provide flexibility and swiftness without sacrificing good Program Management.


William M. Challancin, Founder/Member:

William has previously held positions as pilot-in-command (PIC) for seaplane operations, 13 years of OCONUS COIN and Special Operations PIC and VIP PIC. Will has served as Standards Instructor Pilot (SIP) and chief weapons flight test and TTP development lead.

Daniel D. Franco, Member:

Dan has previously held positions as a Vice President of a private company, Partner-Owner of a successful disabled veteran owned business, Director in a tier 1 Defense Contractor and retired from the US Army after 21 years in aviation.

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