Advanced Lightweight Helmet

Airborne Tactical Solutions provides an ultra-lightweight helmet system that has been designed to meet the diverse requirements of both fixed and rotor wing pilots and aircrews.

Revolutionary Design

The revolutionary design with simple size adjustment provides superior comfort, fit, retention, and balance, while increasing safety through material and technology.

Advanced EAL
Communications Options


ALH is constructed using a blend of Kevlar and Carbon Fiber. This hybrid construction provides the absolute best in strength, rigidity, impact, and penetration protection.

Energy Absorbing Liner

The Energy Absorbing Liner is the most advanced EAL available in any aviation helmet. The construction incorporates ATS’ proprietary low density foam that greatly reduces the likelihood of head injury by spreading impact over time and maintaining this protection through multiple impacts.


Available with Low or high impedance speakers and your choice of Dynamic or Electret microphones and any standard aircraft interface plug (General Aviation, NATO, U-174/U, etc.).

Impact Performance

ALH is designed to exceed the performance criteria set forth in MIL-H-87174 and ANZI Z90.1 specification. Specific test results are available upon request.

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